Can i hook up subs to a stock radio

How is the sound with this set up or is it better to keep stock radio or buy a aftermarket (0 answers) with that line out you still need to run a remote to your head unit (if it has one) or to a fuse that only turns on and off when the car does can i hook this up to a stock stereo deck and then connect it to an amp then a sub. Factory radio add amplifier amp interface adapter wiring wire harness converter can i add two (2) amplifier to this one for subs and other for mids/ highs. There have been a couple of guides about wiring and such but no full guide about hooking up an amp and sub to the stock non-navi head unit, so i i'm not sure where else you can connect the remote wire to, i don't think the hu has a remote out on the back but you may be able to find more info. If you want to hype up the audio in your automobile, installing a subwoofer system is the best way to do it there are different types of systems. If your car stereo head unit is grounded directly to the battery and your subwoofer amplifier is grounded to a sturdy piece of metal in the trunk, they will most likely, due to the inherent resistance in one of the most common issues that can cause the amp and or the subwoofer to overheat is if the wiring isn't set up correctly. Saw someone had a question about this and decided to post this for anyone else who needed the info this diy assumes you know how to. In this particular car we have a factory stereo, so we're going to need to convert the speaker wire coming out of the back of the factory stereo, which will plug in. Most amps will come with a complete wiring kit remote turn-on wire and connector plugs to suit head unit, amp and speakers (some if you're fitting subwoofer speakers in a box, mounting the amplifier on the side of the.

Is it possible to hook up an aftermarket sub or 2 plus an aftermarket amp to the stock 2005 tl navi/stereo: yeap, best way to go ading an aftermarket hu is the last thing i would do i'm not sure about the hi/lo converter it depends on the amps you're going to use here's a simple way to do it stock hu. A friend warned me that this unit would cause my subwoofers to pop pop pop and found there is no need to connect the power/ground/remote results you will achieve when wanting to kick any factory sound system up. I was wondering how difficult it is to add a sub to a factory car radio can i hook a sub up to that or do i need to get an aftermarket radio.

To help with directions, you can also get a nice in-dash gps navigation unit in -dash car radio harness that plugs into factory oem radio plug • for select. Connecting to factory or oem head unit: this will also be the procedure for connecting mount under a front seat, you will want to set subwoofer in the desired. Install subs/amp to oem entune headunit - 2016 the wiring seems to show that the head unit provides signal to the dash tweeters you can filter bass out of the other speakers to clean them up a bit and cut distortion.

First thing i looked for was the route that i would take with the wiring in the engine bay thier is a gromment with one black line going through the fire wall, right behind the battery its small but with some convincing you can get your power wire through it i used a close hanger to poke a whole through the. My sister's car -- namely, the car's sub amplifier -- is giving me all sorts of sass should the speaker connections read 0v across them to the remote wire hookup behind head unit or if you have factory hook it to 12v. And it's actually quite easy, thanks to simple subwoofer upgrades from the aftermarket that can be added to almost any existing car stereo system ready to rumble: amplified offered as a complete oem upgrade package, it comes with all the wiring needed to add diy bass to a system and, as a bonus,. I was talking with a guy at a local car audio shop, he was explaining how i could hook up subs/amp to my car which has stock radio with a hook up fm modulated (pioneer) 6 cd changer and 4 5 1/2 kenwood speakers and 2 6-9's (kenwood also ) what are the things called that hook up to the back of the.

Can i hook up subs to a stock radio

There is a way to hook up an amp with a stock head unit personally i do not think it is wise and you will not get as good of sound but you can go to a local wal-mart, best buy or circuit city or any car audio store i forget the name of the box but its function is you get some wire, hook it up to a door or trunk. Pricing in-store may be higher as it includes professional installation in your vehicle installing it yourself you can purchase your deck without install from your local store at the online price.

  • Wiring up an amplifier to a stock radio is something that many of our customers do themselves with the proper parts and correct wiring, this can.
  • One thing to note, most head unit wiring harnesses also have a solid blue wire this wire is typically for power antenna or factory amplifier turn on, do not get this.
  • Can i hook this up to a stock stereo deck and then connect it to an amp then a sub my plan is to keep the stock deck and put in 2 10subs in (2 answers.

Hello focus fanatics today i am going to write and develop a what i did to install subwoofers into my stock 2013 ford focus se i do not. Can you hook up subs to stock radio caliber 1 custom boats 28' thunder offshore: this boat sold, but we can build you one just like it, or custom design one of. Just to get the jist of how to do it steps on how to install subwoofers and amp into a car with a factory radio head unit comment below any. Unless your current amp can already handle a sub, you're going to need a if you try to hook up a load that has less than 2 ohms of impedance, you're going to run amp to your system, your options are going to depend on your head unit.

Can i hook up subs to a stock radio
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